Om Geo-metry


                               Velkommen til Geo-metry's verden!         

Geo -metry er en selvstændig virksomhed, der er grundlagt i Danmark i 2017.

Geo-metry vil byde på interiour & accessories designs i læder, træ, stof og mm.

About Geo-metry

Geo-metry is a Denmark based brand, and it was established in the beginning of 2017.

Geo-metry is rooted in the Scandinavian Design Spirit and its simplicity, aesthetic and functionality.

Many of the Geo-metry products are handmade in our little studio.

We believe in slow fashion and we see it as strong an ongoing “trend”. 

The Geo-metry handmade products are made in the “made to order” production strategy, meaning that they are only produced on firm orders.

Our strategy is to keep stock levels to an absolute minimum and reduce any unnecessary wastage of resources. 

Our goal is to offer useful and beautiful products for makers and creative souls.

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Geo - metry er en selvstændig virksomhed, der er grundlagt i Danmark i 2017.

CVR:. 38426079

Telefon: 0045 50 47 56 80

Wienerbyen 12, 2830 Virum, Danmark



Har du spørgsmål til din ordre, kan du   altid kontake os på:

Vi vil besvare din forespørgsel indenfor 24 timer i hverdage.

Vi holder lukket i weekender og på helligdage.


Er  du interesseret i at forhandle vores produkter, skriv venligst til os på mail


Vi tager følgende kort:



We are sending with PostNord - 275 DKK / 500 DKK (depending on size) - the shipment cost will be adjusted based on size&weight! Should it be cheaper than initially payment, you will get a refund on the price difference!